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We are a family oriented hunting club located in central Georgia with over 30 members.  We found that bringing our children into closer contact with us through hunting and fishing has changed them for life.  

Hog Heaven 2018

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Deer Harvest 2017

Fishing Trip 2017

New Trail Cams 2017

New Years 2018


Hunter Rescue Opening Weekend!

Reiterates the value of the sign in board, and that your friends are always more reliable than your cell phone.

Always make sure the stand location information you put down or give a friend stays current.  If your location changes, update those who need to know.

Case in point, Ronnie's friend, Richie.  Had he not stayed on the path he told Ronnie he would be on, we may not have gotten to him and he get the help he needed so quickly.  Joe, Gene, Jerry, Scott, Ronnie, and Fred were joined by two paramedics, 2 sheriffs, and 3 volunteer Fire & Rescue to get Richie out of the woods after his knee was dislocated and his back injured in a slide down a 15 foot ravine.


Let your Left finger do the walking and have a good time!



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